Blood Gas Interpretation

Previous ACEM ABGs

Set out answer:
1. Acid/base

– Comment on pH/CO2/HCO3 ie. acidaemia, metabolic acidosis and

– Calculate AG.   If HAGMA -> Delta ratio

– Comment on adequacy of compensation +/- secondary/tertiary disturbance

2.  Oxygenation – calculate Aa Gradient.

3.  Electrolytes
– Correct Na for BSL
– Correct K for acidosis (inc 0.5 for each dec in pH 0.1 reverse for alkalosis)
– Identify any other elements – osmolality, Ur/Cr ratio etc.. 

4.  Overall analysis relating to history and patient presentation.

Cork Hospital ABG analysis – one page summary (best I have come across)


ALiEM Paucis Verbis

Pacis Verbis - ABG vs VBG


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